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Human Factors Integration in ATM System Design

Human Factors Integration in ATM System Design

The Human Factors Integration in ATM System Design provides basic principles for a better integration of HF/E in system design, whose application supports organisations in better integrating HF/E into practice.

Systems Thinking for Safety: Ten Principles

Systems Thinking for Safety

The Systems Thinking for Safety Toolkit provides useful principles, practical advice, narratives and methods to encourage a systems thinking approach to systems, work and safety.


Air Ground CommunicationAllClear? AGC Toolkit

AllClear? is part of the Air Ground Communication (AGC) Safety Improvement Initiative launched by the EUROCONTROL Safety Team in 2004. It builds on the recommendations and best-practices presented in the AGC European Action Plan.

Airspace Infringement Prevention

Airspace Infringement AI Prevention Toolkit

The Airspace Infringement Prevention Toolkit is based on a collection of best practices from all over Europe.

Stabilised Approach Awareness Toolkit for ATC

AI Photo1.jpg

The Stabilised Approach Awareness Toolkit for ATC is aimed at providing awareness to Air Traffic Controllers on the subject of Stabilised Approach. This aid was developed jointly by the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO), the Flight Safety Foundation, EUROCONTROL and Cotswold Airport.

Flight Deck Procedures - A Guide for Controllers

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Flight Deck Procedures - A Guide for Controllers was developed by NATS with the support of EasyJet and bmi. The Toolkit provides controllers with a basic knowledge of flight deck procedures and an appreciation of what happens on the flight deck as a result of their instructions. It also gives them awareness of the general capabilities and limitations of aircraft flight dynamics, so that they can control effectively.

Level Bust Toolkit

Level Bust The new and updated Level Bust Toolkit is designed to raise awareness of the level bust issue and to help everyone do their bit to reduce level busts.

TCAS Awareness

Loss of Separation NATS logo.png

This TCAS Awareness training aid titled "Clear of Conflict" was developed by NATS in association with FlightSafety International and EUROCONTROL.

Just Culture Toolkit

This Safety and Justice Toolkit supports the interpretation of human behaviour during a safety event. This may help you in implementing a Just Culture, whereby both accountability and organisational learning are optimally achieved.

Safety Behaviours: Guide for Pilots


The toolkit Safety behaviours: Guide for Pilots was developed by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) with the objective of providing comprehensive human factors information to further support learning within this very important field.